JP Series

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    Transparencia ultra alta

Información básica

Píxel pitch: 4,68 / 6,25 / 8,33 / 9,37 mm

Tamaño del panel: 

500*500*100 mm

600*600*100 mm

500*1000*100 mm

600*1200*100 mm

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JP Series-05.png


Transparencia ultra alta

C series-06.png

Solución viable para interiores y exteriores

Brillo más alto hasta 5000nit

JP Series-06.png

Experiencia perfecta para usuarios
Instalación por una sola persona
Operación simple y conveniente

JP Series-07.png

Comentarios del cliente

JP Series-09.png

 The choose for the purchase of the Absen JP cabinets are made on the flexibility of these cabinets. As the lightweight cabinets can be used on indoor and outdoor events, the 8mm pitch and the 5000nit brightness gives us the flexibility to use these cabinets as video screens and or video sets on more creative solutions. The high brightness and the possibility to make the cabinets solid we can also use these cabinets outdoor as Imag screens. The product is performing as expected.  ”


Steven Embregts 

Technical Manager, Faber Audiovisuals

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