Jupiter Series

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    Excellent Display Effects

    With high refresh rate and high contrast ratio, the Lyra Series can present excellent and high-quality images

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    Inspire the Creative Stage

    With the character of 50% transparency,the Lyra Series can be used to create a beautiful dreamy staging effects with dry ice, laser, etc

High Transparency

50% transparency for mysterious staging effect

Lightweight Design
Easier Operation

Integral die-casting panel is light as well as solid, ensuring the high quality of the screen and easy operation. The weight of panel is only 11.8kg/㎡.

Advanced Lock, Safer and Faster

The advanced lock system with safety mechanism makes the installation firmer, and the two-handle design makes the operation faster


Multiple Installation Methods

Available for both hanging installation and fixed installation, more efficient space utilization for customers


Curved Design, More Creativity

Curve connection blocks are available to support curve from -15° to +15°, giving users unlimited design flexibility of flat, concave and convex screen and creating a strong visual impact


High Refresh Rate, Better Performance

3840Hz high refresh rate for instant dynamic response to present vivid display performance whereas the product with low refresh rate resulted in low-quality display performance and scanning lines when photos taken


Application Scenario


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