Make the world shine more!--Absen 2022 Top Solutions


Make the world shine more!

Absen 2022 Top Solutions

2022 is drawing to a close. Together with its clients and partners in over 130 countries and regions, Absen has grown and continued to excel in various fields this year. The company had the honor to support such prestigious international events as the World Cup in Qatar, the G20 Bali Summit, and the NBA games. As the year comes to an end, let’s take a moment to reflect on Absen’s outstanding solutions over the past 300 days as well as its milestones for 2022.




Qatar World Cup 2022

Absen is entirely responsible for providing perimeter LED displays of more than 2,000 ㎡ for all 8 venues of the Qatar World Cup. It is also responsible for providing perfect service for 64 matches and demonstrating the superiority of “intelligent manufacturing in China” to the world.



Vienna, Austria

Absen brightens up a Vienna landmark with the largest LED display ever seen in Europe. Its outstanding visual performance and reliable quality make it the ideal choice for outdoor display.


Changsha Spring Shopping Mall Naked-eye 3D LED Screen

Absen’s naked-eye 3D curved LED display makes its stunning premiere at the Spring Shopping Mall, a landmark in a major business district in Changsha. It adds brilliance and vitality to the urban space with its high brightness, energy efficiency, and vivid, lifelike image quality.


Dongguan Hyde Plaza Naked-eye 3D LED Screen

As a city landmark, it is the first outdoor naked-eye 3D LED display of nearly 1000 ㎡ in Dongguan, which has become a popular photo location due to its visual appeal.


Plaza Indonesia

It is a luxurious shopping mall located in the commercial hub of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city. With its nearly 800 ㎡ outdoor LED display, Absen adds a touch of glamour to Jakarta’s fashion center.




16 sets of brand-new outdoor fixed products—SR Series, created commercial visual landscapes for several streets in Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco and the most significant financial center in Africa.



Rental & Staging

G20 summit

At the gala dinner of the 2022 G20 Bali summit, Absen's professional stage LED display sparkles, witnessing the epic moment when heads of state came together.



DOTA2 International 2022 

At the DOTA 2 International 2022 Grand Final in Singapore, a 1500 ㎡Absen LED display perfectly presents the games and there information, fully showcasing the charm of e-sports.



Saga Festival,Bucharest

With countless music fans from all over the world gathered in Bucharest, Romania, Absen provided them with an immersive visual feast via its creative stage screen, unleashing the festival’s passion.



Cairo Womb Studio, Egypt

As the best LED virtual studio on the African market, it recreates the shooting scenes with utmost fidelity and reconstructs the film and television industry's production process.



Florida’s Largest LED Volume

Absen, in collaboration with its partners, developed the largest LED virtual studio in Florida, United States, hence enhancing the film and TV shooting process and increasing the production efficiency.



Miss South Africa 2022, Pretoria

Absen's creative stage performance at the Miss South Africa 2022 pageant in Pretoria presented a memorable visual feast to the audience by demonstrating the radiance of beauty to its utmost extent.



Commercial Display

Salt Lake City, NBA's Utah Jazz Home Venue-Vivint Arena

Absen’s recent product brought into existence the world's first NBA arena with a 70-megapixel LED screen, allowing fans to experience the excitement and splendor of NBA games.


Nuevo Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México

In one of Latin America’s busiest airports, Absen enables multi-channel, and effective information output for the regional transportation hub. As a result, it consistently creates values to facilitate airport operations.


Fantawild Theme Park, Huaian,

As a perfect fusion of LED display technology and artistic creation, Absen's creative stage display guarantees stunning performances that vividly demonstrate the magnificent history of China's revolution, construction, and reform.


Wannian Cultural Technology Center

Absen is another masterpiece in the field of exhibition and display. The LED CAVE digital sandbox of over 400 ㎡ allows people to immerse themselves in the achievements of urban development and the cultural dynamics of the new era.



Bell Center, Canada

Absen Stadium LED display and control system solutions provide the North American Hockey League with an advanced event management information system and intelligent venues in the largest indoor sports stadium in North America.



West Railway Station Waiting Hall, Jinan

As the largest LED display in domestic high-speed railway stations, it has become an attractive and unique feature of Jinan West Station.



Parque Arauco, Chile

It is one of South America's largest malls and Falabella Group's largest flagship store. With its best-in-class LED products, Absen enhances the radiance of this premium commercial complex.



Data Visualization

Charlotte Technical Centre of General Motors, USA

The CL micro-pitch display series using flip-chip COB technology is featured at the Charlotte Technical Center of General Motors. Absen will collaborate with the automotive giant to explore more possibilities in the application of LED displays in the automotive industry.


China Power Grid Company, Shanghai

Absen contributes to the construction of next-generation power systems with its reliable, durable, and high-quality products. This is based on its in-depth knowledge of the power industry's requirements for digital, intelligent, and low-carbon transformation.



Sichuan Radio and Television

Absen meets the requirements for optimal UHD shooting with its high-quality, small-pitch LED products, enabling Sichuan Radio and Television to build a professional multi-scene news studio.




University's Smart Campus, Shenzhen

Absen creates intelligent classrooms of the future to support the development of education management information systems (EMIS) in educational institutions by integrating its intelligent education solutions with the learning scenarios of colleges and universities.



Kunming Medical University

Absenicon Smart Display entered Kunming Medical University to facilitate the construction of a smart education system characterized by digital technology, network, intelligence, and multimedia.



All the memorable experiences will serve as limitless resources to fuel our new journey. With 2023 approaching, what kind of performance will Absen deliver as a vigorous and ambitious company? What changes will it bring to the LED display industry? Let’s anticipate a brighter future together.